We can help you redesign your school to help you deliver world class education.


The EdTransform Design Team will work with you to undertake a full school review based on a pedagogical approach to student and world-relevant education and design a bespoke Action Plan and time specific journey to achieve your ambition.

We strongly believe that with the right amount of will, creativity and support we can all change education and schools for the better, and with it lives.  And if we can change just one or two lives (be it educators or students) then we can leave a tiny dent in the world, which will be a better place for it.

EdTransform works with schools, organisations and partners across the UK, and indeed the world, who also seek to approach education in a different – and better – way.  We strive not only to think about education differently, re-imagining what it could look like, but to actually do it… and with staggering results.

Transform Leadership: The Leadership Quest Programme

The Leadership Quest programme is a bespoke programme for the development of middle and senior leaders and is designed to have fast impact in your school.


This is suitable for schools who wish to have a full and practical understanding of REAL© Projects, Challenge Based Learning and practical protocols that can be used in school. The Odyssey deeply immerses staff so that they experience learning from the point of view of the learner.

REAL© Projects

Students and staff follow their passions to produce real world, authentic outcomes that are 'of service to the world' and create deep, meaningful and memorable learning.

Enquiry Visits

This is an exciting, bespoke offer in response to requests from Head Teachers and Senior Leaders of established EdTransform schools.

The aim of the visits is to allow schools in partnership to share and to explore all aspects of school improvement and innovation including culture, vision, leadership and pedagogy.


Find out how we’ve helped schools all over the UK completely transform the way they teach and learn with fantastic results on pupils and staff.

Case Studies & Impact

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    School Review

    A School Design Tool

    This includes a full review of your school against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and against the EdTransform Rubric (based on the EdTransform principles and pedagogies) followed by Leadership and Classroom Coaching.

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