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Little Gonerby Church Of England Infants
'The development of REAL© Projects has really brought learning to life and enabled children to produce work that matters to them and to their community.'

Little Gonerby Church of England Infant School is a two-form entry school situated in the growing town of Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The community is in the majority white British but over the past few years has become increasingly diverse, with a growing number of families from Eastern Europe. 20% of children now speak English as a second language and there are around fifteen different first languages. 23% of children are eligible for the Pupil Premium.

Little Gonerby is a place that values the richness of faith and community, respects and empowers everyone to flourish as unique individuals, nurtures excellence, and embeds a life long love of learning and skills for a confident future.

‘Five years ago we realised that our teaching and learning was not adequately preparing our children for life in our future world and therefore began our journey with EOS and then EdTransform.  Through a process of research, collaboration and risk-taking we are now well on our way to achieving our vision.  Our school is an exciting place to learn, work and grow!

One of the first aspects we developed was our environments for learning.  Initially we focused on visual aspects and ‘wow’ factor for the children.  With the support of colleagues across the EdTransform network these have now evolved into flexible spaces, co-constructed with the children and project experts that enable children to choose how, where and with whom they learn according to their learning styles and activity.

The development of REAL© Projects has really brought learning to life and enabled children to produce work that matters to them and to their community.  Projects are designed to challenge children, through Big Essential Questions, Challenge Based Learning and SOLE to explore real-world problems and to delve deeply into curriculum content.

Our children know that their work is important beyond the school walls and so they are now truly motivated, using Peer Critique and Multiple Drafting, to produce work of excellence and to make a real difference in the world.  They have worked with a range of authentic experts and community groups and their confidence to present learning to a wide range of adults and audiences is now often commented on by visitors at their exhibitions.

Research and collaboration, including peer enquiry visits to other schools, has helped us to develop our Skills for Learning and Life, which underpin the whole curriculum and recognise each child’s unique strengths, enabling them to lead their own learning.  It has also supported our drive to sustain and nourish the wellbeing of everyone in our school community through principles and practice.

We were extremely proud to be the first Church of England school in the network.  At the core of our ethos is the Church of England’s vision for education as the promotion of ‘life in all its fullness… developing people who can flourish in all areas of their lives’ and our work with EdTransform is enabling us to live out this vision in all we do.’


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Case Studies & Impact

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