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“We create synergy and networking opportunities, training, school development and system improvement with like minded organisations and partners. We erase outdated practices, design bespoke solutions that build learner relevant experiences leading to outstanding outcomes.”


EdTransform is a collaboration of like minded schools focusing on developing Transformative Curriculum, Teaching and Learning pedagogy that empowers learners and ‘Bold’ Leadership.  All our work is research influenced.  The results of our pedagogical approach focusing on rigorous, real world learning over the last ten years is now impacting on schools nationally and our schools are not only transforming learning for young people and adults, but also delivering excellent outcomes that are being commended by Ofsted.

We now have a group of leading schools nationally that are at the forefront of the pedagogy and have been invited to be EdTransform Associate Schools.  You can learn about our Associate schools under ‘Impact’ below.  These schools will be part of a programme of ‘school to school’ support for schools beginning their journey or at the earlier stages of their journey.

We would be delighted to hear from any school wishing to consider developing a 21st century approach to learning based on the eight principles below.

Principles (on which our school review rubric is based)

1. We place the learner at the centre of all of our activities, continuously reflecting on how effectively our actions are impacting on the outcomes of each individual.

2. Our curriculum content is relevant to the lives of our learners, ensuring that outcomes are authentic and have an impact on the real world.

3. We provide learners with the necessary tools and environments to enable them to be flexible, choosing how, where and with whom they work.

4. We ensure learners are engaged in collaborative, self-directed learning with the teachers acting as facilitators.

5. We strive for staff members to be treated as professionals, ensuring that we place significant emphasis on professional dialogue and time to plan, design and teach in teams for a significant proportion of their work.

6. We respect and promote the work life balance of employees ensuring that work place systems and schedules encourage a healthy balance. Policies and protocols are regularly reviewed and evaluated to measure their relevance and effectiveness in order to ensure these bureaucratic systems are kept to a minimum.

7. We provide opportunities to network and collaborate across the whole EdTransform network and with our wider community, sharing information freely.

8. We place huge importance on research and on developing new pedagogies and tools to liberate learning from past conventions to connect learners in new and powerful ways.


Find out how we’ve helped schools all over the UK completely transform the way they teach and learn with fantastic results on pupils and staff.

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